We build lasting relationships with companies and candidates

As a senior executive leader in a highly competitive industry, recruiting the right talent is paramount. Over the years, our search partners at Murdoch Mason have demonstrated that they care about my success and seem to know what I need, often even before I do. They have the keen ability to look beyond the resume to find quality people who uniquely meet my needs. They are able to facilitate discussions that make all parties involved comfortable. I am confident that Murdoch Mason's efforts will play a significant role in the growth of my business.

     - J.P., Principal & Practice Leader

As a CEO, when I'm making an important hire, I need honest feedback, I need it promptly, and I need someone who actually understands how the hire impacts my company's goals. Murdoch Mason has always delivered on each of these requirements and more importantly has earned my trust time and again. The search partner both advises me and challenges me about our personnel, firm culture, and growth strategy. If we were large enough to afford him, he'd be in my C suite already. Needless to say, I highly recommend Murdoch Mason Executive Search Group.

     - A.V., Chief Executive Officer

Aaron provided expert and insightful guidance during every phase of my transition from management consulting to a newly created Senior Vice President role at a recent client. I sought his advice in developing the business case for the role, defining position responsibilities and goals, interviewing with executive leadership, negotiating salary, and managing a potentially contentious transition away from my previous employer. Aaron's support directly contributed to me capturing a senior executive position with significantly higher responsibilities and compensation, while maintaining close professional relationships with all parties involved.

     - J.S., Senior Vice President, Procurement

I have worked with Aaron for 10 years and he has directly played a part in helping me secure my last few roles. The personalized attention I received didn't just end once I was placed into a great role, he continued to stay closely involved in my development and has helped me grow from an individual contributor to a Director. His industry contacts are endless and his integrity, vision and attitude result in him forming long lasting, mutually beneficial relationships. I recommend him highly and unequivocally.

     - A.T., Director, Indirect Procurement

Aaron has been the primary source of guidance, strategy, advice, execution and networking as I looked to transition from a long career in capital markets to a new leadership role at a large international company. His expertise in handling the approach to connecting with key personnel in my network and executives in target companies has been the primary reason I got in the door at my top three firms. His strategy for developing a natural path and uncovering possibilities was an invaluable part of my search as I positioned myself for the jobs I wanted. His generous and personal guidance provided me with the confidence to go after top positions with a tactful demeanor that filled my lunch and coffee calendar for six weeks straight. I never would have launched such an effective search without consulting Aaron for approach e-mails, cover letters, my great resume and my LinkedIn profile. All received compliments from colleagues, friends and hiring managers. It was a big boost to have Aaron by my side. There is an effective way to make a change: it is all in the approach, preparation and presentation. And Aaron is the expert.

     - L.D., Senior Consultant, Finance

Aaron is one of those individuals that you find yourself wanting to be around. He has always gone out of his way to help others and address their needs first. He is funny and still professional, relatable and still influential, creative and still strategic. In the several years that I worked with Aaron, I saw the passion for the work he was doing and the strong relationships he developed with his internal and external partners. He is, without a doubt, someone you want to work with.

     - J.L., Recruiter, Talent Acquisition

Aaron has been a great mentor and coach. With his corporate background and connections, he is a valuable asset to any professional looking to further their career. Aaron has the ability to coach through multiple career paths and help you reach your goals. He has helped me to find success in my current role and see what value I can add to other organizations.

     - J.W., District Manager

My executive search partner at Murdoch Mason has a strong drive to help others succeed. With his guidance I was able to focus my career search to find the opportunities that best fit my experience and interests.

     - R.W., Instructional Design

During the time that my search consultant and I worked together, I experienced him as nothing but professional, intelligent and responsive to my needs and those of our HR and Recruiting groups. Murdoch Mason has a keen ability to think expansively and then act in alignment with both a clear strategy and sound plan for how to execute, in order to ensure success and excellence. The firm's authenticity gives a sense that they're truly listening in order to build a long-term connection over a short-term goal. They have an eye for how talent fits into the right places and understands deeply the intersection between business and people.

     - T.W., Director, Leadership Development

Aaron is a multi-dimensional business executive with a firm grasp of corporate and individual excellence. He has experiences across several industries and applicable insights for both companies and individuals. His talents shine especially bright in 1:1 situations. Aaron is genuinely interested in people and has a gift for honest and straight talk. He has provided me both insight and counsel that have helped focus my professional goals and better my personal skills. I feel both enriched and energized after my time with Aaron.

     - S.S., Vice President, Brand Management

Aaron is the most genuine recruiter that I have worked with. Not only did he help land my next position as Executive Director, he had the sense to inform me of where I had a competitive advantage and what areas to play down. He was a pleasure to work with and I will go to him first in the future.

     - M.H., Executive Director

Aaron, in the eight years I have known him, has consistently demonstrated his creativity, responsiveness and enthusiasm for guiding others in their career growth. He encouraged me to achieve both my C.P.M. and CPSM certifications, mentored me in times of career transitions, and has guided me throughout my supply management career. He builds strong working relationships built on honesty and transparency. Aaron is genuinely excited to see others succeed and has a positive attitude that is contagious. I would highly recommend him.

     - D.C., Manager, Strategic Sourcing

Aaron encouraged me to think outside the box regarding my own career path. He went out of his way to coach me in negotiation tactics, and thanks to those new skills, I negotiated a substantial pay increase with my new company, as well as negotiated my way out of repaying tuition reimbursement to my former company. His coaching gave me the added confidence to ask!

     - C.S., Associate Managing Director, CRM & Loyalty

Aaron has been a career mentor for me. He invested a lot of time and effort in helping me model and layout my career path, as well as connecting me with the right people from his extensive network. Aaron helped me progress multiple levels in my career in a relatively short time frame through keeping me involved in my industry, network connections, providing me timely and relevant information, and his willingness to push me and give me the right feedback to help me get to where I want to go (even if it was tough to hear). It is evident that Aaron has a natural affinity to help others succeed, and he has the proven skills to help anyone succeed.

     - M.C., Director, Enterprise Analytics

Aaron is an inspirational leader with a unique gift for making an authentic connection with individuals and teams. He recognized potential in and took a chance on me as I transitioned careers. He was pivotal in my personal career development as he removed all roadblocks to my success and selflessly helped me to pursue the career path that made sense for me. I attribute much of my success in moving up through my organization to Aaron's leadership and guidance.

     - A.B., Senior Manager, Finance

Aaron truly understands job market dynamics, and how both employers and candidates find a fit. He helped me leverage every available tool to land a top leadership role in a global company. I was thankful to have him as a supportive coach and advocate through my search.

     - P.H., Managing Director, Design

In nearly 40 years of retail, Aaron is one of the most authentic leaders I've had the privilege of working with. He is truly a developer of people, a driver of business, and a reaper of results. He is in the top echelon of business leaders as a developer of other leaders and a visionary in his own right. I've witnessed his creative transformation of a stagnant, tactical department to a strategic, integral (and respected) business unit. I count myself fortunate to say I'm part of Aaron's leadership tree and consider him not only a tremendous resource, but also a friend.

     - S.C., Senior Manager, Procurement